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Huichol Indian Beaded Prayer Bowl

Image of Huichol Indian Beaded Prayer Bowl


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This beautiful prayer bowl is created using the bottom of a gourd which forms a bowl. The tiny chaquira, or seed beads, are applied by coating the inside of the gourd with a special beeswax mixture. Then the beads are applied one by one using a needle, bringing the vision of the artist to life. The beading is perfect with every bead in place. This can easily be seen by clicking on each image where it will expand, showing the incredible detail of this art. Because smaller size 14 seed beads are used instead of the usual larger size 11, the level of skill and artistry required is extremely high. This gallery-quality bowl will amaze you!

Prayer bowls have traditionally been used in Huichol ceremonies and hold offerings such as peyote, ceremonial arrows, and "muvieris" or prayer sticks. Here the hold the artist's vision in beads.The sacred symbols in this piece are the yellow deer heads and green maize around the central blue peyote. The symbols signify, respectively, the eyes of spirit and success in life. The use of blue, green, yellow and red is quite crisp and striking. This wonderful bowl will not disappoint!

The bowl is 4.25 inches in diameter and an inch deep.

Seen in real life, this bowl is imbued with the Huichol connection to the spirit world.

Do not place this art in hot direct sunlight. This may soften the beeswax. Otherwise, with gently handling, this art will stay in perfect shape.


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