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Fabulous Huichol Indian Beaded Bison -SOLD

Image of Fabulous Huichol Indian Beaded Bison -SOLD


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This spectacular bison is created using strong shades of red, green, blue, gold and yellow as well as mauve. A spectacular light blue deer head covers the bison's head as well as as a light blue eagle on the rump. The tiny chaquira, or seed beads, are applied by coating the surface of the wood carving with a special beeswax mixture. Then the beads are applied one by one. The vision of the artist comes to life as the beads are applied. The beading is perfect, with every bead in place. This can easily be seen by clicking on each image where it will expand, showing the incredible detail of this art. This piece is even more amazing in person.

The sacred symbols used in this piece are the deer and eagle which denotes a messenger from the gods. There is wonderful beading completely around the carved wooden form, leaving bare only the bottom of the feet! The dimensions are 4.75 inches long, 2 inches wide and 3.25 inches tall.

Wherever this bison is displayed it will imbue the space with the artist's spirit and intention.

Because the smaller size 14 beads are used instead of the larger size 11, the level of skill and artistry required is very high. The quality of the carving and beading will amaze you!

Do not place this art in hot direct sunlight. This may soften the beeswax. Otherwise, with gently handling, this art will stay in perfect shape.


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